• Logbook

    Keep a log of all potty events.

  • Reminders

    Reminders are automatically set for the next potty visit.

  • Game

    Play a little memory game while on the potty.

  • Stickers

    Get a great colorful sticker after each visit to the potty.

  • Family friendly

    Add sisters and brothers in Potty Time.

  • iCloud backup

    Potty events and stickers are automatically synchronized across all your devices.


The potty sticker chart is made to be used to encourage and celebrate all the little successes through potty training.

  • Discover colorful animal stickers
  • Get additional toy stickers for free by rating the app!


Help your child to learn the importance of taking regular potty breaks!

  • Get regular reminders for potty training
  • Celebrate with one of over 100 unlockable stickers

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